Let's try this once a month. by Yolanda Garza

Well, more than a month has gone by. I managed to forget my camera when fireworks were exploding all around.

It seems that I am always learning something new each time I work on a new design or a new layout. Thankfully, my daughter has been taking courses at the community college pertaining to Adobe Creative Suite. We have been able to help each other to get through problem areas and provide each other with feedback on design ideas.

I absolutely love graphic design.

Kinetix Fitness & Sports Medicine

Kinetix Fitness & Sports Medicine

Do this for a living... by Yolanda Garza

I love graphic design and I am currently job hunting. It’s a scary task proving your worth, but I love working and staying busy. For the first time in my life, I am armed with a degree and searching through job postings for an opening in a field that I can see myself working hard and enjoying the labor. Early on, I worked in the automotive industry, Accounts Payable was my title. After a few years, I moved up to Title Clerk then Billing Clerk. I had worked 10+ in an accounting office, but my heart was always looking elsewhere. I longed to work someplace else but I didn’t know where or how to begin. Not having a degree keep me from being able to pursue my passion for art. When I started working for Saint Matthias CC, that was where I discovered graphic design hands on and teaching myself. . My first big task was making a church cookbook, all while teaching myself Microsoft Publisher. We sold about 15 copies at $10 a piece, it was a lot of work, but I loved the feeling of holding a finished project in my hand. Working at the church recalled a distant memory from high school, a wonderful computer application teacher assigned us to make a letterhead for a fictitious business. My business was a veterinarian. This was in the late 90s, so I struggled with the mouse to form the shape of a dog with his tongue hanging out. She was so impressed with my work and commented that I should do this for a living.

Visit my spark page for information on this project:  spark.adobe.com

Visit my spark page for information on this project: spark.adobe.com

Hopeful Discoveries by Yolanda Garza

When it rains outside I find myself not wanting to leave the house, but I must go regardless. Thoughts of traffic, the possibility of hydroplaning, and the prolonged journey are not my favorite activities, but I know my garden flourishes in the rain so I can ultimately accept and appreciate the rain falling.

Thankfully, what little time I am able to spend indoors at home, it should at least be productive. Macrame has caught my eye and I am curious about where this leads. I enjoy the process of measuring, cutting, wrapping, braiding, knotting, and finishing. It’s such a hands-on project that I absolutely love and enjoy seeing the finished results. When I learn something new, my mind goes crazy thinking about other uses for the project and even combining other mediums into one.

rain cloud montage

rain cloud montage

Two Weeks Away! by Yolanda Garza

I'm two weeks away from the end of a long journey and the start of a new one. 

I have put off finishing college for 20 years. My main struggle was deciding on what I wanted to become. Originally win I set out a year after high school, I thought I wanted to be a Veterinarian. While taking classes in Animal Science, I felt out of place. Many of the students came from families with ranches and horses. I just wanted to work with pets not livestock, which was all that we studied.

I took my first art class at a community college, but I had been drawing all my life. I knew from the start that this was where I belonged. I sought to have a degree and a job that involved me being creative. Often times, when I spoke to college recruiters about seeking an art degree, they always told me , "Sure, that would be a good minor," which was not what I wanted to hear. Finding the right 4-year school was tough as well.

Graphic Design has certainly fulfilled my creative and artistic endeavors. Despite being 20-years behind on reaching my goal, I feel positive about the outlook in life, and I am very thankful to God and my family for hanging in there.

One last thing,  I seek to remove the label "starving artist," to just "artist."

Drawing, painting, sculpture, metalsmithing, stain-glass, illustration, graphic design, and photography, oh my! 


Animated gifs are fun, fun, fun! by Yolanda Garza

Adobe Photoshop is a great design tool to have on hand. One of my favorite uses in Photoshop is being able to create animated gifs. I have been designing for Saint Matthias for quite some time and it never gets boring. I have wanted to find some way of showcasing the work in my portfolio. Creating an animated gif was the solution for this project, and it was fun to make. I really have appreciated the freedom Bishop Todd allowed me to have when it came to design work at the church. Normally, the first time he viewed a new design was when the cover was ready for pick up. I enjoy the work and I am really thankful for the experience. 

design work for Saint Matthias

my faith in Christ... has lead me here by Yolanda Garza

The first person to ask me for a drawing was my step-dad, Don. Although, I don't remember what our agreement was, but the drawing was of two Pinto's from a picture I found in a Western Horseman magazine. My ideas and thoughts stem from my surroundings, art is everywhere, and I am receptive to filling my head with shapes, colors, and movement. My passion for art and design has been a part of my life for a long time, and I am thankful to God for what he has done for me. 

I don't talk much but I am a great listener. I enjoy the quiet comforts of my home, when my children don't need a chauffeur, which is truly my full-time job since we started homeschooling.  

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." -Phil. 4:13