Professional Material with Testimonials

This page is made available to showcase the different projects I have done for different local companies. 

Digital Photography & Graphic Design

Tim Neal,  Owner / CEO

Kinetix Fitness & Sports Medicine

"Thank you so much for taking our action shots and developing our business brochure. It truly came out better than I ever imagined! The details and the creativity that you put into developing this truly shows off your artistic skills that you have always possessed. I will definitely be using you in the future for my needs for advertising and digital marketing, as well as refer you to others. Thank you so much."

Publishing & Graphic Design

The Most Rev. Fr. Todd Bell, Rector

Saint Matthias Catholic Church

"Yolanda has been creating artwork for the church for several years.  I am always amazed at how intimate her design work is.  There is always a story or message within the obvious.  In her most recent work, she has chosen to utilize the scripture to create the image.  This is powerful as this is exactly what Sacred Scripture is intended to do.  The words are there to create an image and the image is to help us understand the words.  Yolanda has taken this concept to an even greater level by creating a illusional marriage between the words and the actual drawing of art.  People within our church never cease to be amazed at how touching, enlightening and applicable each piece of artwork is.  She truly has an internal eye for the unseen and through that vision is able to make visible the image itself."

Photo Retouching

Susan Saunders, Owner 

"Wow! These look great."


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